The Physical Education Course Requirements

In order to verify the learning outcomes, the Centre of Sports and Recreation has introduced the changes concerning the forms and methods of learning outcomes verification and the course requirements of the Physical Education in the summer term of the academic year 2019/20.


From 23.06.2020 to 30.06.2020, the teachers will feed the grades into the ehms system in accordance with the summer term requirements of the academic year 19/20.


In the case of any questions, please contact your PE teacher directly (the one to whom you are assigned in the ehms system). All the email addresses are available at the CSiR PK website: or you can contact your teacher via MS Teams during their office hours:


Course requirements:

-attendance at the compulsory PE or AZS classes held from 24.02.2020  to 11.03.2020.

/It is allowed to skip one classes without an excuse, other absences should be excused with a sick leave. If you don’t have a sick leave, you are obliged to agree on the way of making up for it/

– look through the materials on the university e-platform – Physical Education Course parts 1, 2,3, 4

– take three tests/quizes on the platform and get the prescribed minimum score to pass each of them.